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Purchase information

The photos ordered by filling in and submitting the order form, available on the Foundation's website, may only be used for private purposes. If you wish to use the photos for other purposes, please contact the Foundation.

Order process

  1. Please make a list of the archival numbers of the photos you wish to order (the photos' inventory number is the same as their name).

  2. Open the order form below this information and fill it in. By filling in the order form, you accept the general terms and conditions of order.

  3. Please indicate your name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

  4. Please select the format (size, resolution, file size, price) of the photo(s).

    Photo prices for private use (different sizes available):
    Small: 849 x 565 px / 72 dpi / 739 KB / 12 € / code: S
    Medium: 1698 x 1131 px / 150 dpi / 2.4 MB / 24 € / code: M
    Large: 2716 x 1810 px / 300 dpi / 5.5 MB / 48 € / code: L

    The price includes all the administrative costs, however, it does not include the postage of the invoice, which shall be collected upon delivery.

  5. Please finish your order by clicking on the "Send order" button at the bottom of the order form.

  6. In a few moments you will receive a confirmation e-mail, with all the data of your order, at the e-mail address indicated in the order form.

    Orders are processed on working days, once a week (within 5 business days).

  7. Your order shall be considered valid once the Foundation has confirmed it via e-mail. The confirmation e-mail shall include the order's identification number, which you can use for asking for information about your order on any of our contact details.

  8. When the price has been paid and the amount has been received in the Foundation's bank account, the Foundation shall send the selected photos to the indicated e-mail address within 5 business days. Please indicate your name and the identification number of your order in the comments section of the transfer.

    The Foundation's Euro bank account number:
    Bank account number: 11991102-02139889-07410015
    IBAN: HU10 1199 1102 0213 9889 0741 0015
    Bank: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

  9. Following the successful delivery, the Foundation shall send you the invoice by post.