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Szemei messze a távolba néznek, az örökkévalóság végtelen távlataiba.

Georg Stadtmüller


Mindszenty József


József Mindszenty's inheritance of photos affords us a personal glimpse into his life. Hundreds of photos have been preserved because the Cardinal, endowed with a sense of history, kept all his documents, including the photos taken of him, which people used to send him as gifts. Nothing could be more expressive than some of the glances and gestures of the cardinal, an outstanding figure of Hungary's history, captured by these photos. Dr István Mészáros, historian, wrote about him: "The image of an overly serious, even sombre man with no sense of humour is absolutely false. He was serene, cheerful and jolly when it was time to be so, he was good at making jokes, jesting and he laughed a great deal. We could fill an entire album with the photos of Mindszenty smiling. He treated everyone, his priests and his faithful with deep affection, especially the sick, the needy and those suffering. Lots of documents can prove that." (István Mészáros, Mindszenty-mozaik, 127-128.)

You can browse the photos of our collection and read the descriptions in thematic groups. We keep updating and developing the descriptions on the basis of recent research, as well as constantly uploading new photos. 

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